The Questioning

I sit alone with Mozart in my earphones trying to study Hindi

But my mind wonders about you: What are you doing?

Where are you now?

If we were together, would you help me through this?

Would you counsel me in this time of grief?

Would you offer help or like the Devil’s gents,

Would you flout me to my face?

Like Tomlinson, am I doomed to die

Only to be sent back to be more clearly something?

Are my efforts here so ambiguous?

Have I not made a clear path through anywhere?

Can I, to anyone but you, be true and explain myself?


About FreeFlowingThoughts

All of the writing is original and some of the drawings are too. I do these as a form of stress relief and to share my work with others.
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One Response to The Questioning

  1. If I were the “I”, my help would be there. -Rendo via Mobi


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