It Was Forever, Once


When I loved you, it was forever:
My heart overflowed with delights
Born from its lasting fervor
Of having you long within my sights.

When my heart broke, the fervor left,
And all good feelings seemed to follow.
My chest was overburdened; I felt spent,
Trapped, suffocating, just so hollow.

When I met him, my heart said, “No.”
You were there still
In my grief that would not go,
But he showed me that I had had my fill–

Showed me that I could feel again,
Burrowed so deep into my heart,
Where he found the wound that would not begin,
Begin to heal and make me one whole part,

And soothing salve he there applied
Like cooling aloe after sweltering sun,
He calmed the chaos that you supplied,
Restored the place that was once all done.

Now it was free to again feel love;
It was free to venture off of safe grounds.
So free it was with that mild shove,
It was ready to take some bounds.

Him it sheltered
The one also hurt
He, too, rejected
With the same mirth

His one-time love and mine
Both joyously abandoned us:
Hearts so willing, left behind
With very little muss and fuss

Two souls parted from whom they love
Meet along a path and while revcovering,
Forged a bond that they couldn’t have,
For the feelings with in their hearts keep interfering,

Keeping them apart,
For they cannot love each other
While relishing the phantoms of lost art,
Each heart clinging to its bother:

Unable to let lost love go free,
Secretly wanting to rekindle it,
They inadvertently steal potential glee.
Why can’t they see that together they fit?

Both rejected by those who could care less,
Allowing it to ruin their future.
To have found each other, they should feel blessed,
Yet they’re playing like an overture–

Tragically missing the present beauty:
Too focused on the path behind,
A path that offers no booty,
A path forever unkind.


About FreeFlowingThoughts

All of the writing is original and some of the drawings are too. I do these as a form of stress relief and to share my work with others. मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ / पल दो पल मेरी कहानी है / पल दो पल मेरी हँसती है / पल दो पल मेरी जवानी है / मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ...मुझ से पहले कितने शायर आये और आकर चले गये / कुछ आहें भरकर लौट गये / कुछ नग़मे गाकर चले गये / वे भी एक पल का हिस्सा थे / मैं भी एक पल का हिस्सा हूँ / कल तुम से जुदा हो जाऊँगा तो आज तुम्हारा हिस्सा हूँ / मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ...कल और आयेंगे नग़मों की खिलती कलियाँ चुननेवाले / मुझ से बेहतर कहनेवाले / तुझ से बेहतर सुननेवाले / कल कोई मुझ को याद करे / क्यूँ कोई मुझ को याद करे? / मसरूफ़ ज़माना मेरे लिये क्यूँ वक्त अपना बरबाद करे? / मैं पल दो पल का शायर हूँ। (कभी कभी से १९७६) I am a poet for a moment or two/My story is for a moment or two/My laughter is for a moment or two/My youth is for a moment or two/I am a poet for a moment or two...Before me, many poets came and left/Some were burdened with sighs and returned from where they came/Some sang songs before leaving/They were part of a moment/I, too, am part of a moment/Tomorrow I may be separated from you/But today I am a part of you/I am a poet for a moment or two...Tomorrow more song will come like blooming flower buds to choose from/There may be better storytellers than me/There may be better listeners than you/Tomorrow someone may remember me/Why would anyone remember me?/Why would this busy world waste time for my sake?/I am (only) a poet for a moment or two. (From Kabhie Kabhie 1976) [Translation is not word-for-word.]
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