We set forth with hopeful eyes, passionate heart, and open mind. We came back defeated. Hope crushed. Passion gone. Mind’s still open but not as free. Empty, empty–nothing anywhere. Where to turn. What to do. Is courage going to see me through? I feel abandoned even though they’re still here.


About FreeFlowingThoughts

All of the writing is original and some of the drawings are too. I do these as a form of stress relief and to share my work with others.
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2 Responses to Something…

  1. Thank you for your kind words. =]


  2. embear123 says:

    What a beautiful piece of writing. I often feel empty because of my ED (literally and mentally) and I always feel abandoned by the people that I come across in real life so my mind manifests people who talk to me that nobody else can hear. Hang in there xx


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