At the Limit

I am at my limit with your insensitivity!

I don’t think my heart can break anymore,

The strain you place on me is more than I can bare

I feel as though you only want to use me since there is no one else here

I do so much for you and all you do is throw shit in my face

You treat me like I don’t matter

And you wonder why I don’t love you

I cannot love you; you’re toxic and destroy all that you touch

Only those smart enough to string you along benefit from your good nature

Everyone else burns in your self-hatred.

You’re so filled with hate, it’s hard for you to actually love anything but money

That’s what you’re all about–dirty cash

Every suggestion I make, you yell at

You yell and hurl insults with no real reason, and

I cannot keep doing more for you than you are willing to do for me

I won’t let you use me; I won’t let you fool me.

I’ll play the game as long as I have to

But as soon as I don’t need to anymore,

I don’t even want to see your shadow.


About FreeFlowingThoughts

All of the writing is original and some of the drawings are too. I do these as a form of stress relief and to share my work with others.
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