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I loved you while the breeze was gentler While my heart was full of hope But, I had not known you enough back then Enough to make such a leap Wiser counsel should have saved the day Smarter choices were … Continue reading

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Check Yourself First

My stress, your stress: the lies that you tell: Small lies, big lies, building tension between us: Trust is illusive because you choose not to show it; You cannot see good because for you its nonexistent; You want to think … Continue reading

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When I think you behave unjustly

You caused the pain by throwing the first stone You destroyed the foundation that you were standing on If you think you are entitled to so much privacy, Why be in a live-in relationship? Why express that you want me … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Term Paper Blues

The cursor’s blinking My mind is a blank Blink. Blink. Blink. Why can I not type? The question’s right here The answers and evidence Lay underlined and ready But somehow a coherent sentence Does not come forth Two days of … Continue reading

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