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You seemed worthwhile in the beginning, but slowly you got obsessed Now, so many years later, you’re drunk texting me But, you had your chance and didn’t act So why now with your family in tact, Do you want to … Continue reading

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At the Limit

I am at my limit with your insensitivity! I don’t think my heart can break anymore, The strain you place on me is more than I can bare I feel as though you only want to use me since there … Continue reading

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एहसान तेरा होगा मुझ पर–जंगली से (१९६१)

एहसान तेरा होगा मुझ पर         Allow me this favor दिल चाहता है वो कहने दो        Whatever my heart wants to say, let it say मुझे तम से मोहब्बत हो गयी है    I … Continue reading

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Happiness lies in the solitude of self-company, in being free to follow the whims of your inner desires and to fulfill your life goals while being at ease and content with yourself, your inner nature, and your actions. 

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Inside My Thoughts

If I am true to my heart, I miss you. If I am true to my mind, You and I can’t be together. If I’m true to my soul, I still wish you were around. Something deep inside of me … Continue reading

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जब जब बहार आयी–तक़दीर से (1943)

My attempt to translate one of my favorite songs. जब जब बहार आयी और फूल मुसकुराये Whenever the spring comes and the flowers smile, मुझे तुम याद आयी। मुझे तुम याद आयी। I remember you. I remember you. जब जब … Continue reading

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For My PS3

I glance over at the empty shelf And remember your sparkling red self. So sleek and shiny despite your rippled surface. Round and bold you sat over there But now in a box, condemned to darkness, For books and PDFs occupy … Continue reading

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